We are passionate about helping people and horses alike to live more joyous lives.

It is our mission at Horses for a Change to make sure that people of all abilities and backgrounds can to experience the incredible benefits of horses and equine therapy. We also rescue and rehabilitate horses to make sure that they receive the love, respect and care they deserve.
None of this would be possible without the support of donors like you. If you are interested in sponsoring a rider or horse, or making a general donation to help us maintain our facility, please click the link below!

Our Horses: Forever Homes

Meeko’s Story

Meeko (formerly known as A Little Off The Top) lived on a lovely farm, but was owned by a 23 year old girl who was trying to rehome him as she lacked the funds to care for him properly or get him the medical treatment he required.
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Nico’s Story

Nico and his brother Jake did not have an easy start to their lives. They were severely neglected for four years: living in a muddy pen and fending for themselves, with no food and only the water running off the roof of the barn to drink!
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Willie and Belle’s Story

These siblings were listed on Craigslist in June of 2011—the owner was an older gentleman who bought the pair barely after they were weaned for driving. They had barely been handled and had never left their weedy, unkempt pasture. The pair were priced at auction/slaughter level for quick sale.
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Our Riders: Success Stories

Note: Rider names are changed for privacy

Samantha’s Story

I will never forget the first day I brought my five year old daughter to Frog Hollow Farm. We had adopted her from China three years prior, she was struggling with PTSD and severe separation anxiety. The moment she got on that pony, I do not exaggerate when I say that both my husband and myself broke into tears.
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Jessica’s Story

My daughter started riding at Frog Hollow Farm three years ago when she was nine years old. She was abused by her great grandfather at age seven. It was the best therapy she could have had. Instead of sitting in an office talking to a stranger week after week, she rode at Frog Hollow, gaining trust and friendship through her instructors.
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Chelsea’s Story

Her riding lessons are skilled and direct and are teaching her the fundamental ways of communication between horse and rider. The teaching has progressed at a pace that suits my cerebral child. She moves forward in skills when she is prepared, not on a set progression timeline.
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