We give scholarships
...because Riding is for Everyone

To make lessons, including our Summer Riding Weeks and our Saddle Club program, accessible to as many folks as possible, we offer need-based scholarships.

Applying for a scholarship is easy as 1-2-3


Click the Apply Now button and complete the simple form. No other paperwork is required! If you prefer to print a form, click here.

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We will review your application and contact you with a decision. Our scholarship committee meets regularly, so you should hear back within two weeks or less.


If you are awarded a scholarship, call (845) 384-6424 to sign up for your lessons or program or start with a free “meet and greet”.

Can you help us help give more scholarships?

If you, someone you know, or a local business you frequent would like to help us offer riding to people from low income families and/or underserved communities, please ...

Why are we more expensive than some barns in our area?

Our horses are educated and patient teachers of riders at every level; they don’t simply cart passengers around. For this reason, we do not work a horse more than once or twice a day, and every horse gets a day off. This is a different and more expensive model from many riding schools and therapeutic riding centers, where the horses work most of the day.

We also believe that anyone who rides can be a participant in caring for her horse. So, in our barn, everyone, to the extent able, helps groom and tack up her horse before a ride and cool it down and un-tack it at the end. This not only teaches riders how to care for horses and tack, but also builds self-confidence and compassion. This requires more time and instructor attention per rider than simply having horses ready to mount and go.

"My daughter (age 6) is at a developmental stage where she is learning to cope with intense emotions in a more grown-up way. Riding at Horses for a Change gives her the opportunity to learn to regulate those emotions within the safety of the arena with the most gentle and compassionate of creatures."

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