Private Lessons
...for all Ages and all Levels

Our private lessons are centered around helping you reach your goals, whether that’s achieving a specific skill, honing your existing skills, riding competitively, or just relieving stress.

First, you'll start on the lunge line where your instructor will manage your horse while you focus on your body control. Once you feel secure at the walk and trot, you learn steering, stopping and energizing the horse until you feel confident to ride in a group.

Each time you move to a new activity like cantering or jumping, you will return to the lunge so that you can focus on one thing at a time.


Trial Lesson

Never ridden with us before?
Try a single 30min lesson
for only $35

Pay As You Go

Lessons start at $75.
Choose from 30min, 45min, or 1hr for your lessons.

Pack of 10 Lessons

Save 10% off our pay as you go pricing...and, in just 10 lessons, you will be transformed!

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