Horseback Riding Lessons

Training for all levels

Whether you’re looking for yourself or your child, just starting out or are an experienced rider looking to hone your skills, we have lessons available to suit your needs.

Whether or not you choose to compete, our emphasis is on creating a harmonious relationship between rider and horse and on helping you become an all-around competent horse person.

“I can't express how important Nancy, her assistant instructors and Frog Hollow have been to us. We feel incredibly thankful to have it in our lives."

Adult Lessons

Private Lessons for Adults and Youth

Our adult lessons are centered around helping you reach your goals, whether that’s achieving a specific skill, honing your existing skills, riding competitively, or just relieving stress.

First, you'll start on the lunge line where your instructor will manage your horse while you focus on your body control. Once you feel secure at the walk and trot, you learn steering, stopping and energizing the horse until you feel confident to ride in a group.

Each time you move to a new activity like cantering or jumping, you will return to the lunge so that you can focus on one thing at a time.

“I have watched my daughter learn many things at Frog Hollow – discipline, attention to detail, self-determination and goal setting among them. Her riding lessons are skilled and direct and are teaching her the fundamental ways of communication between horse and rider."

Child & Youth Classes

Saddle Club After-School Program

The Saddle Club program provides a great and affordable introduction to horseback riding for young riders ages 6 to 16. Riding and caring for horses provides a total body workout, builds self-confidence, and promotes self-control and responsibility. Riding is a sport that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.
In this program, your child will learn correct techniques—from riding basics to how to groom and tack up their horses. More experienced riders will improve their skills in flatwork and jumping.
As with all riders, regardless of age or experience, safety is our number one priority. We have a variety of happy and generous school ponies and horses for every level.
Interested? Saddle Clubs run in six-week cycles during the school year and have between four and ten members. Each six-week session is $210.
Not sure whether Saddle Club is right for you? Try a single lesson for only $35! If you want to keep going, the $35 will be discounted from your total fee.
Please fill out the form below to get started. We’ll contact you soon to discuss upcoming sessions.

Competitive Riding

Reach your equestrian goals

If you’re already an advanced rider, you might be working towards moving up in competition or practicing advanced movements like half pass, canter pirouettes and tempi changes. You will have the opportunity to show in both schooling and rated shows, including Dressage 4 Kids.

Training to compete is about striving to meet your personal best, while respecting your equine partner. By participating in the training of your horse, you will grow a stronger bond with your horse and gain confidence in competition. We have experienced competition horses available for use during lessons or seasonal leasing.

Whether riding your own horse or one of our educated school horses, we can give you a positive learning experience while you work towards your specific goals with confidence.

Scholarships Available

Are you intimidated by the high cost of horseback riding? Horses require a high level of care, special equipment and facilities, and lots of space to run. This means that they are naturally expensive animals to love, but we do our best to keep our fees reasonable.

It is our goal to allow all people with an interest in horses to be able to engage with them, regardless of financial means. To that end, we have scholarships available and a care coordinator who can help with finding funding. Contact us to learn more.

Scholarships Application Form

Our care coordinator will get full details from you when they reach out so do not feel you need to put all details in your message. But if you could shortly describe your situation and details such as if the scholarship is for you, or your child.

Help others ride

Have you experienced for yourself the joy that working with horses can bring? Want to share it with the world? Please consider sponsoring a rider or a horse through a donation.