Willie and Belle’s Story

These siblings were listed on Craigslist in June of 2011—the owner was an older gentleman who bought the pair barely after they were weaned for driving. They had barely been handled and had never left their weedy, unkempt pasture. The pair were priced at auction/slaughter level for quick sale.

They had never been trimmed, wormed, vaccinated or treated medically except to geld Willie. They had only a shallow, filthy water to drink in the 90 degree heat. They had no idea how to lead. Belle had a major roach back and was several hands shorter than Willie so they would never have made a pair.
When the pasture gate was opened, they bolted and broke loose. Upon their arrival, they were understandably terrified and refused to be unloaded.

It took time, energy, and love…. but we finally managed to settle them in their new paddock filled with fresh food and clean water. Despite all the neglect, they were friendly and would beg treats from neighbors passing by!

Willie and Belle were renamed Mack and Molly. We decided to give Molly to an 11-year old 4-H girl and she now gets consistent training, showing, and loving from her young owner. Mack has found a new home at Frog Hollow, where he has developed his backing and groundwork skills.