Meeko’s Story

Meeko (formerly known as A Little Off The Top) lived on a lovely farm, but was owned by a 23 year old girl who was trying to re-home him as she lacked the funds to care for him properly or get him the medical treatment he required.

When Michelle from Sleigh Run Farm first met him, he had a loose, abscessed, cracked tooth which was draining under his jaw and causing him a lot of pain. He had a slab fragment fracture of his right lower first molar, which the vet thought could possibly have been done in the field. Michelle took him to the vet and had his surgery done—requiring the removal of a piece of his jaw along with the tooth.

He had been through a lot: starved, frostbitten till his ear tips fell off, and probably kicked in face. Despite all this, he was a sweet boy with a nice mind.

After he was fully healed he came to Horses for a Change where he has become a valued member of our team.