Jessica’s Story

My daughter started riding at Frog Hollow Farm three years ago when she was nine years old. She was abused by her great grandfather at age seven and internalized all of it. She trusted no one. Talking with people didn’t help, and she was stuck in a place that I didn’t think she would get out of.

Then I found Frog Hollow. I wasn’t sure if it was the answer to helping her but for the first time in a long time I saw a light in her eyes as she told me how much she loved to ride. At first she was unsure and uptight, but as Nancy and Camella worked with her she started to relax and actually start to trust again. As she grew in trust, she grew in riding.

I’m so thankful to Frog Hollow for taking my daughter out of a dark lonely place and being part of healing her on the inside, through riding. Now today she is more confident than ever, in herself and as a rider.

It was the best therapy she could have had. Instead of sitting in an office talking to a stranger week after week, she rode at Frog Hollow, gaining trust and friendship through her instructors.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such a huge part in healing my daughter. She wouldn’t be where she is today without you. You may not always make money by giving lessons, but for some you change their lives.