Chelsea’s Story

It seems like a moment ago my daughter was seven and horse crazy. Frog Hollow was close by but I somehow thought too serious a riding school. After a year I gave in to common sense and made the short drive to inquire about lessons at Frog Hollow.

It turned out many things were serious at Frog Hollow—a concern for safety, a concern for the welfare of the horses, a concern that learning horsemanship was part and parcel of learning to ride.

But what I quickly realized watching my daughter learn to ride on Ludwig was there was also a prevailing belief that horses and riding were fun and a path to self-growth. I have watched my daughter learn many things at Frog Hollow—discipline, attention to detail, self-determination and goal-setting among them.

Her riding lessons are skilled and direct and are teaching her the fundamental ways of communication between horse and rider. The teaching has progressed at a pace that suits my cerebral child. She moves forward in skills when she is prepared, not on a set progression timeline.

Her joy in riding is occasionally shown off in public at horse shows that she chooses to participate in. The ribbons on the wall are a nice reminder of the more important work and lessons she receives at the barn on a regular basis. We are thankful to Frog Hollow Farm, Nancy Rosen and her wonderful equine and human teachers for the most wonderful place to become a rider of skill and caring.